What We Do for Children


Almost 3 million children die each year due to not receiving treatable and preventable health benefits. 1 in 4 children is facing chronical malnourishment due to lack of nutrients. That's why we run a Health Program that ensures, each child grows up healthy by receiving all the nutritional contains which is required for their growth.


If we want to change the world, education is the most powerful weapon which will lead a road for children to follow and to reach their potential in life. Around the globe, many children lack the quality of education which is their basic and primary need. Our Education Program helps them to develop their skill and aptitude for their future ahead.


Many children suffer from abusement, negligence, violence, and exploitation in all regions of the world. The loss of one or both parents also results in conflict, illness, or abandonment which is a distressing reality for millions of children. In our protection program, we support children by aiming for their safety and well-being.


Disaster is always an awe which strikes the whole inhabitants but children are the one who gets severely affected. In our emergency program, natural disaster response and emergency relief we help and protect the vulnerable boys and girls during disasters and their aftermath. In severe and alert emergencies, we also set up a dedicated fund for a massive disaster or extreme crisis.


Bringing Smiles & Hopes

“The holidays should be a joyful time."
Give these kids a reason to celebrate with a gift they will remember. Your generous support will bring us closer to impact their lives. Contribute today to create a better tomorrow.

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Our Mission is to inspire and empower people to the culture of giving into changing the lives of the children in need.

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Child Help USA Foundation is 501(c)(3) registered organization and all donations to Child Help USA Foundation are tax-deductible. We act as a bridge between people who want to help underprivileged and children in need in the USA and India. With the aid of thousands of volunteers who contribute their time, skill, and funds for the overall development of a child.

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