Support India's Effort to Fight Covid19

Child Help USA Foundation is supporting India's fight against COVID19


It is 2021, and India's struggle with COVID-19 is still not over!

The coronavirus outbreak has changed life as we know it across the globe, creating job insecurity, food shortages, and livelihood crisis that are affecting millions of people. The COVID -19 pandemic is one of the worst health and economic crisis humans have experienced in recent times.

There is a new mutation to the virus and has affected many southeast asian countries, especially India, with more than 20 million people being affected, causing 0.3 million deaths. The cause for concern is that with a population of more than 13 billion people the medical infrastructure is overburdened and most of the people have died due to lack of Oxygen Cylinders and Concentrators.

The demand and supply gap is increasing so much that many countries have come forward to supply India with Oxygen Cylinders and Concentrators in order to stop the mass deaths the country is witnessing. The healthcare workers including doctors, nurses and other medical staff are overworked, and have been putting in long hours to save as many lives as possible. This also has increased their risk of getting affected by the virus.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Child Help USA Foundation (CHUSAF) team has been actively working to help fight the virus and support the people affected by it. We conducted awareness drives to emphasize the importance of masks and social distancing, and also distributed masks, PPE kits, and sanitizers among the frontline workers. On a daily basis, CHUSAF provides warm meals to 2000 underprivileged citizens, most of whom were daily wage workers who had lost their jobs.

From 6th April 2021 to the present day, about 98,000 people have been fed through nutritious meals under our Zero Hunger initiative. The lack of Oxygen Concentrators and Cylinders felt by the hospitals treating COVID-19 patients, was also looked after, by facilitating oxygen concentrators under our ‘Breathe India’ campaign. At a community level, CHUSAF is continuing to provide ration kits consisting of essential food materials like rice, lentils, oils, spices and condiments, to poor families who cannot afford to buy them during these times.

We are ever-ready to continue fighting the virus and save as many lives as possible. Our team is very grateful for your constant support and kindness that we have received in helping fight this war against the virus. Let us all come together as citizens of this global community and help India win the War Against the Virus. Every little contribution will go a long way in helping billions of people affected by the virus.

Come forward and help us to achieve our mission to reach and save the neediest citizens of India by making the smallest contributions possible.