Centre for Excellence (CFE):

Project Location: Sakhre Ashram Shala and Bhopoli Ashram Shala in Jawhar Taluka, Palghar Program Highlights: This project aims at reaching out to tribal children from Jawhar Block of Palghar district which is considered a backward block in terms of human development index and literacy. We also aim to encourage and equip these tribal students to prepare for engineering, medical education and other fields of higher education.

The beneficiaries comprise of male and female students in the age group of 15-18 years studying in Std. X, XII, and XII in the science field. Currently, we have started our pilot project of CFE for 61 students of std. X of Sakhre Residential School in Palghar. The project aspires to improve the learning outcomes of first-generation learners in difficult to learn subjects like English, Mathematics, Science and Computer Skills in this predominantly tribal area. The project will also benefit the teachers, as it will enhance their teaching skills and subject knowledge. Key Features:

This aim is to impart free, high-quality education and computer literacy to students studying in the higher classes in Sakhre Residential School and Bhopoli Residential School without regard to their family’s socio-economic situation. This will be a remarkable initiative keeping in mind that most of these children are first generation learners.

Providing education that will be holistic and integral touching upon physical, emotional and aesthetic development in addition to academics.

Setting up a good library with books and magazines for students and teachers.

Providing e-learning kits for better learning outcomes and encouraging self-study.

Expected Project Outcome of the pilot project:

Improved learning outcomes of 61 first-generation learners currently studying in the 10th standard in Sakhre Ashram Shala.

Improved life skills of the beneficiaries.

The students will secure higher marks in challenging subjects like mathematics, science, and English.

School Development Project with Skilling: The proposed project is about setting up a Model school in the Wada, which will focus on attracting tribal students, provide them with proper infrastructure, quality education and retaining them till they complete education.

The proposed model school will follow the similar patterns as Kendriya Vidyalayas and will have standards, norms, etc. with stipulations on pupil-teacher ratio, ICT usage, holistic educational environment, appropriate curriculum and emphasis on output and outcome. However, the school would differ from Kendriya Vidyalayas in funding patterns and management structures.

Key Features: Construction of school building and residential building for students to stay.

Education provided in a Model school will be holistic and integral touching upon physical, emotional and aesthetic development in addition to academics.

The chosen existing school will be converted to Model School

Necessary infrastructure will be provided not only for teaching needs

but also for sports and co-curricular activities. The methodology of learning will be activity based.

The school will have adequate ICT infrastructure, Internet connectivity, and full-time computer teachers.

The teacher Pupil ratio will be a minimum of 1:40 and the classroom ratio will not exceed 1:50.

The School will have art and music teachers besides specific teachers as per the syllabus. The school will also create facilities for activities emphasizing Indian heritage, art, and Craft.

Special emphasis will be given on teaching Science, Math, and English. If required, bridge-courses may be introduced for weak students.

The school curricula will encourage leadership skills and the ability to deal with real-life situations.

A good laboratory & library for students and teachers will be provided.

Field trips and educational tours to be an integral part of the curriculum.

The medium of instruction will be left to the state government; however special emphasis will be given on the teaching spoken English.

An ambiance will be created which will be conducive to learning.

Imparting training in life skills and vocational skills.

Scholarship Programmes:

We at CHILD HELP FOUNDATION INDIA aspire that no child should be forced to give up studies due to a financial crunch. Since the year 2010, CHILD HELP FOUNDATION INDIA has been providing scholarships to deserving students from disadvantaged families and children living in shelter homes on a pan-India level. Till date, CHILD HELP FOUNDATION INDIA has sponsored the education of 2,792 boys and girls.

School Outreach Programmes:

CHILD HELP FOUNDATION INDIA teams regularly visit schools across the country to advocate about cancer prevention and to make them aware of the direct link between the use of tobacco products and cancer.

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