There is a direct correlation between access to clean gender specific toilets in schools and educational outcomes. Even as recently as two years ago, nearly 40 percent of the 1.5 million schools in India lacked toilets; the percentage was even higher when looking at usable bathrooms specifically for girls.

The issue becomes even more complex in rural scenarios; wherein many students are first generation learners who have yet to derive or understand the long-term benefits of education. In a predominantly archaic patriarchal system, there is a still a reluctance to send girls to school, a lack of separate toilets aggravates this problem. Furthermore, there is irrefutable evidence that a lack of clean toilets and potable water increases the risk of waterborne diseases, urinary tract infections and absenteeism. A clean toilet is perhaps the biggest motivation for a student to continue schooling, especially during adolescence.

SKY has facilitated the construction of 71 toilets and 61 urinals in 21 schools across India; RO water purifiers have also been installed in 12 schools in Palghar district of Maharashtra. IV BREASTFEEDING ROOM AT RAILWAY STATIONS

To ensure that mothers with infants do not have to face the embarrassment of nursing in public places, Child Help Foundation India in collaboration with the Western Railways and corporate partners plans to facilitate the construction of safe and private baby feeding rooms at railway stations on the western line. The 5 following stations on the Western line have been chosen for the pilot project: Sanjan, Bhilad, and Umergaon in Gujarat and Palghar and Boisar in Maharashtra. Key Features:

Mothers will be able to nurse their babies in a safe, secure and private environment.

The embarrassment and apprehension associated with nursing at railway stations will reduce considerably.

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