"Why should I choose the SKY Foundation? SKY Foundation wants your support to deliver a decisive aid to the children and families around the world and the US during the emergency alert and within our programs.

How would it affect the children lifestyle if I become a partner with the SKY Foundation? You are most welcome if you want to become a partner with us. We required stalwart and dedicated partners like you. When you become a monthly, quarterly or yearly supporter of SKY Foundation, your gift can act quickly whenever any emergency alert strikes which will provide an immediate disaster relief.

Your gift also divides in our various programs like Education, Health and Nutrition, Child Protection, Hunger and Livelihoods and Emergency Response. We also promise you to share the activities and stories of children whose lives you are changing and bringing smiles to their face. We’ll do this through: By mailing you the activities and campaign Sharing out the highlights of the programs which you are supporting. Conducting interactive session with our team Exclusive invitations to our special events

How could I monitor my contribution towards the SKY Foundation? Same as above

Is my donation tax deductible? Yes, donations to SKY Foundation are 100% tax deductible. For any quires, if you are located outside of US, you can ask your query with our tax advisor.

What is the SKY Foundation Tax ID Number? The SKY Foundation Tax ID Number: ************

How can I enroll in the volunteer program? Volunteers for CSKY Foundation can visit our join us page for more details.

What are the values follows by the SKY Foundation? SKY Foundation operates on the values of:
- to educate child
- transparency
- liability
- non-violence
- secularism
-respecting human dignity How can I get assured that my donation has proceeded successfully? Donation through our website will show in our database approximately after 24 hours when your transaction is complete, also donors will receive an immediate confirmation of their donation through the source which they have provided.

What is the structure of the SKY Foundation? SKY Foundation includes Board of Trustees, CEO, Executive Leadership Group - which include fundraising team, staff, and volunteer leaders, Action Center Leaders, Volunteer Core Groups across Action Centers and Volunteers."

EIN : 32-0574013

Sky Foundation is 501(c)(3) registered organization and all donations to Sky Foundation are tax-deductible. We act as a bridge between people who want to help underprivileged and children in need in the USA and India. With the aid of thousands of volunteers who contribute their time, skill, and funds for the overall development of a child.

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